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Neuberg Srl specializes in design and creation of systems dedicated to the improvement of the working environment and the pneumatic transport of materials. With forty years of experience with our applications we solve the problem of transport and storage of production waste. We offer appropriate technologies of uptake, transport, separation, dust removal and air pollution control systems. Every industrial production process generate waste and/or create substances which collection is complex and burdensome. Neuberg offers solutions designed to your needs.

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Particle extraction

Plastic, rubber and glass waste must be processed before the installation of a transport-separation-recovery system. Important role plays the grinding system.

Offcuts suction system

The collection of the offcuts occurs directly on the machine with appropriate hoods or direct connection of the intake to the exhaust outlets on the machine.
The large wastes are shredded before being introduced in the circuit.

Industrial dust removal

The design of dust collection systems adapted to the application features has many advantages, provides the necessary functional safety and create satisfactory economic savings. Neuberg has a wide range of solutions to ensure adequate dust removal, efficient and durable in accordance with current regulations.


The purpose of Neuberg is to limit the considerable costs involved in the adaptation to the legislation due to the identification of the ATEX zones. We provide “centralized dust removal systems” (treatment of dust emissions) and “smoke extraction ” (gas emissions, solvents) in full compliance with regulations ATEX 94/9 / EC and Directive 99 // 92 / EC.

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Dust removal
Pneumatic conveying
Air pollution control

Case History

Case history emphasizes the installations that we consider the point of arrival of years of experience and a starting point in the search for innovative technologies in the industrial ventilation sector. In Case history are also the latest achievements and significant ones to describe the many solutions offered by Neuberg srl.

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