Neuberg quality assurance policy

Continuous technological progress, an increasingly demanding request for quality related to both products and services, along with a high level of competitiveness require a constant commitment at an organisational and training level.

In recent years, and more so than in the past, the market has been characterised by numerous and rapid changes that have had a strong and sometimes negative impact on the economic scenario; this has consequently spurred the capacity of the company to address the issue of continuous change to respond to the demands of its customers and the market itself.

The particular attention paid by NEUBERG in striving to reach the levels of quality required today by both Customers and the market, has allowed it to accomplish excellent results and a progressive growth of the company.

The entire organisation is focused on achieving and continuously improving Quality and the optimisation of its business processes.

To achieve these goals, NEUBERG has adopted a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001.