From the analysis of the specifications required to the commissioning of the plant systems. Neuberg has all the skills and expertise it needs in-house when it comes to design & engineering, production and ongoing support.


Realisation of customised projects. Particular attention is dedicated to the management of the energy efficiency of systems, guaranteeing correct functioning without any waste of energy. Consistency with the most recent Community directives is the key cornerstone of the entire project procedure.


The materials used are assembled according to strict control criteria, with superior quality as its ultimate goal. All plant systems and equipment boast key characteristics of sturdiness, robustness and practicality, minimising maintenance and after-sale interventions.


Organisation of national and international transport and deliveries that ensure the superior quality standards that distinguish our entire production.


Compliance with production demands, ongoing contact with the customer, qualified personnel with the experience required to operate even in the most difficult environments. Monitoring and control of all installation, start-up and testing phases.


Training for operators, preventive maintenance support, original spare parts, upgrading of plant systems to more recent solutions. Measuring and monitoring of plant system performance, on-site support service.


The verification of aerodynamic performance over time guarantees both the quality of production and consistent compliance with regional regulations. We provide a performance verification and analysis service for all our plant systems over time.


We work with you hand-in-hand to define the best solutions to the multitude of demands that manufacturing processes generate.

Production process analysis

The importance of a suction system is linked to the possibility of it becoming an integrated part of a production process, and entering into synergy with the same.

Design & Engineering

Aeraulic theory and experience dedicated to the recent design and calculation technologies, with particular attention paid to the energy impact of the plant system.

Turnkey systems

Neuberg provides all the services required to ensure that the plant system is finished, complete and ready for use.